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Verdant Isles Technology
Verdant Power systems employ underwater turbines to generate clean energy from the currents of tides, rivers and manmade channels. The systems are invisible from shore and do not require dams, impoundments or major civil works.

Simple and Scalable
Verdant Power systems are simple and modular in design and can be scaled to produce cost-effective power at a wide variety of sites, including directly within population centers. The few moving parts of the systems also enhance efficiency and decrease operations and maintenance costs. 

Verdant Power systems operate silently and automatically, fully underwater and out of sight from shore. This aspect of the technology reduces the visual disruption issues related to most energy facilities. 

Renewable and Predictable Energy
Water currents provide a steady and predictable source of energy, as the flows of rivers and tides can be predicted up to decades into the future. This creates an advantage for Verdant Power systems over other technologies, which rely either on depleting fossil fuels or intermittent power sources more subject to the weather.

Widescale Applicability
Scalable to a range of sizes, Verdant Power systems can be sized and arrayed in various configurations, allowing for power provision ranging from distributed generation in urban and village settings to base power generation at more remote deepwater locales. 

Kinetic Hydropower System
Verdant Power’s central technology is its Kinetic Hydropower System (KHPS), which incorporates turbines with open three-bladed rotors installed fully under water, invisible from shore. The turbine is designed to self-rotate into the prevailing current so that the blades are optimally aligned to generate energy. This rotation drives an induction generator located within the main body of the turbine to generate electricity, which is transferred to onshore equipment via an underwater cable. The turbine blades rotate at a slow and steady rate of approximately 40 RPM, well below normal water vessel propeller speeds.