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About Verdant Isles
Verdant Isles Ltd. is a joint venture (JV) between Ireland’s Duggan Renewables Ltd. and America’s Verdant Power, Inc. through its subsidiary Verdant Power UK Ltd. Duggan Renewables (Contractors) was established in response to the growing market in the renewable energy sector, both in Ireland and the UK. Further to extensive research into the available technologies, Duggan Renewables Ltd. (DRL) has concentrated its initial efforts on the Hydro & Biogas technology sectors, both of which are well established with proven track records. In order to bring these technologies to the UK and Irish market DRL has formed strategic partnerships with leading European and U.S. technology providers.

Verdant Power, Inc. (VPI) is a U.S. technology provider, systems integrator, and project developer, using its proprietary technologies to generate clean renewable energy from the natural flowing currents of rivers, tides, manmade channels, and oceans.  

Through a portfolio of projects, VPI has developed industry-leading capabilities in:-
  •  technology research;
  • development and demonstration; 
  • resource and site assessment; 
  • environmental monitoring; and 
  • regulatory compliance.  
This in-house expertise allows the Company to take a potential project from start to finish, or ‘water to wire.’ VPI also can provide adapted technology to a site developed by others.

DRL formed a JV with VPI to help establish a European-based manufacturing, assembly, and exportation operations, preferably in Ireland, as part of its Ocean or Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK) energy global supply chain. For Ireland, it’s an opportunity to get involved in the fastest growing Cleantech sector – MHK energy. Every gigawatt (GW) of installed capacity will create as many as 1,500 full-time jobs. The European Offshore Renewable Energy roadmap (ORECCA) estimates 188 GW of Ocean energy will be required by 2050. And, nearly 30 GW can be identified around the UK, including within the Irish Sea and English Channel.

VPI has established MHK technology leadership, based on its technology that is designed for simplicity and scalability to minimize O&M costs and allow for use in a wide variety of applications, including distributed generation (DG).

Beginning in 2007, VPI became the first, and remains the only, company in the world to successfully deploy and operate a grid-connected array of TSG or MHK devices; delivering power to end-users in New York City at its Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project site.

And in 2012, the company was the recipient of the first-ever issued commercial license for a North American MHK project from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the RITE Project.   

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